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More about the 80M vertical delta loop


First tried this antenna in 2012 using a tall tree in my neighbour's garden.

I had good results and was able to have contact with more then 110 countries.

Unfortunately this tall tree was swept down by a storm in January 2014.


I decided to put up the same set-up using a 18 meters high pole from Spiderbeam.

The size of the back garden being only 6 meters wide and 20 meters long, it was just enough to

raise the pole at 16 meters to support a small wire.

The total length of the loop is only 60 meters, so I needed some loading at the feeding point.


The horizontal part of the wire is around 2 meters above the ground.


The loop is fed at one corner using a 25 ┬ÁH coil and a 4:1 balun.




I made some simulations with Eznec and found the real antenna to be very close to the Eznec prediction.

The vertical radiation pattern is not as good for DX as the theoretical full wave vertical delta loop.

On the other hand, my loop doesn't show directivity as the full wave loop does.


The SWR and bandwith are better then the predictions, but it might be from ground losses.

Here is a real world scan with miniVNA:

All in all, it seems to be a good "all around" local and DX antenna.